New Year, New Stuff!


Happy 2016! This year’s already off to a great start! I’ve got a couple of updates to share, the first of which is my new postcard above! I just ordered them yesterday, and I’ll be passing them out at the SCBWI NY Conference in February! I also ordered a new portfolio case, upgrading my dinky pleather folder to an acrylic screw post case, so I’m excited to tote it off to New York next month!




I’ve also updated my portfolio with a new category system with the help of my agent, Danielle! The new sections divide my work into Books, Black + White, Comics, Illustration (editorial), Lettering, and Sketches! Here’s some screenshots of the new categories, and you can check the full portfolio here!


That’s it for this month’s update! Next month I’ll have a recap of the SCBWI NY Conference and who knows, maybe some other exciting news! 😉

Happy Holidays!


HOW did this year go by so fast!? The last few months have been absolutely crazy, but have also been very satisfying and invigorating. I am definitely going to try to relax for the next week or so for the holidays and recharge my batteries! I’m going to be taking a bit of a sabbatical from a few things in January and February to focus on book projects, and I’m so excited to keep working on my books. I’ve got two graphic novels and a picture book cooking. I’m going to try to get my next coloring book on architecture out early next year, but other than that, it’s all books for a while!

Here’s a few of the things I’ve been so busy with this month:

A slew of custom nesting doll Christmas orders—39 dolls total! Here’s a little video I took of some of them:

A video posted by Christine Fleming (@might_could) on



I also illustrated a comic for the NC State Alumni Magazine! The article is about a machine that a scientist at NC State made to research how the Norovirus is spread, written by Eleanor Spicer Rice. I believe it will be published in the Spring 2016 issue! I really love making comics, and I love illustrating science-y things, so I hope to do more projects like this in the future!

I also designed five logos, designed a poster series for the City of Houston, hosted a live workshop in my Drawing Comics Skillshare class, fulfilled a bunch of coloring book orders, and went to my first two live craft shows. It was a hectic end to an amazing year, and I can’t wait to get back to my desk in 2016 and keep on truckin’! Happy holidays! :)

ATX Craft Show Recap


Thanks to everyone who came out to ATX Handmade Wonderland in Austin last weekend! I had a blast at my first craft show and definitely have the bug to attend more now! I got a great response to my book, and passed my sales goal, so it was definitely a success! I’ll be sure to let you know future shows I plan on attending, and please let me know if you have any show suggestions either in Texas or elsewhere!


There was one very special customer, Caroline, who bought my kid’s coloring book and proceeded to sit in the corner and color in it all afternoon! She would run to my table once she finished a page and hold up her masterpiece for me to see, and I was so thrilled to get to see what she did with my illustrations! Look at that imagination!


I’m also currently working on my next coloring book! This one is about architecture from around the world, and spawned from drawings I created during Inktober recently. This is one of the postcards I sold at the craft show featuring the new artwork—shown here is St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Russia.


Lastly, I’m hosting another live session on Skillshare called Drawing Comics Challenge: Transform Your Idea into a 1-Page Comic! This is a 2.5 week challenge where together we’ll create a comic step by step with 1-on-1 feedback from me throughout the session. The challenge focuses on my comics class, but is supplemented with a few videos from my character illustration class and scientific illustration class. So check it out if you’re interested in making your own comic!


I hope you enjoy your time off for Thanksgiving and get to spend time with people you love! I plan on also eating large amounts of pecan pie and biscuits. :)

New Class: Drawing Comics!

An Online Skillshare Class by Christine Fleming

My new Skillshare class is now live! This class is called Drawing Comics: Storytelling with Words and Pictures, and I’m super excited about it! You can watch the trailer video above, and here’s the class description via Skillshare:

Learn how illustrator Christine Fleming uses words and pictures together to tell a sequential story. Whether you’re interested in comics, graphic novels, or newspaper comic strips, they all begin as a sequential story and hinge on the balance of words and images.

This 45-minute class will introduce the basics of sequential storytelling including plot structure, panel transitions, timing, and framing. Along the way Christine will point out her favorite tips and techniques, that are vital to understanding how to draw a sequential story.


The project assignment for this class is to draw a one-page comic inspired by a childhood memory. In the videos, Christine will take you through her entire process as she makes her own 1-page comic.

She’ll cover all the steps from writing, planning, thumbnailing, sketching, drawing, and inking.

By the end of the class, you’ll have your own one page comic and the basic skills you need to jump into making your own comics and graphic novels! No prior knowledge of writing, drawing, comics, or software is required.

You can check out the class here on Skillshare, and I hope you decide to come make comics with me!

Drawin’ Like A Crazy Lady


Ack! I’ve been drawing like a crazy lady this month! There are so many different things going on, but I’m so happy to be busy!

To get a little philosophical with the three of you people who read my blog, my boyfriend and I have been talking a lot lately about happiness and what it really means. I think an easy conclusion to make about life is that everyone wants to be happy or strives to be happy, but what gives us happiness?


Well folks, I’m here to announce that I’ve had an epiphany and have found the meaning of life. Yes, yes, don’t worry, I’ll give it away for free. Here it is, and listen close: Happiness is having something to do.

It’s so simple! But it’s true! I think people are generally happy when they feel they are doing something they feel is worthwhile. But the tricky thing is that this “thing to do” is completely different for every person.


For me, drawing and telling stories is my thing to do. I’ve been doing it since before I can remember, and it’s the thing I crave, the thing that calms me, the thing that gives me satisfaction, confidence and self-worth. It’s the thing that drives me and the thing my hands ache do to.

I’ve been doing Inktober this month, where you draw something in ink every day and share it on Instagram/Twitter. I chose a theme of architecture around the world, and you can see some of my drawings here. This may seem meaningless and a waste of hours each day to some people, but to me, it’s doing my “thing” and the act of doing it makes me happy! Not to mention, more drawing = better drawing.


But that’s just me! Maybe your thing is gardening, or cooking, or your job, or raising your kids. It doesn’t matter what it is, just find your thing and do your thing!

And that will give you happiness, and that is the meaning of life. So saith the illustrator and thus the happiness doth rain down upon the people of the land. (Please do read that in a Monty Python voice and take this entire post with a grain of salt.)

Sea Creature Coloring Books!

Exciting news! My new coloring books are now available in my Etsy shop! There are two coloring books for sale: Sea Creatures: A Might Could Studios Coloring Book for Adults and Sea Creatures: A Might Could Studios Coloring Book for Kids. The base illustrations are the same, with the adult book being more complex and detailed, while the kid’s book is more simple. People can choose to just purchase one or the other, but I thought it would be a neat idea to make a set of coloring books that you and your child could share a creative activity! Here are some photos of the books, and the description from my Etsy shop:

This adult coloring book is full of mind-boggling sea creatures—sharks bigger than ships, fish that glow in the dark, and sea dragons that look like dancing plants—all for you to color! Each animal is accompanied by the common name, scientific name, and a short blurb about what makes it so intriguing.



The book contains 21 illustrations drawn specifically for coloring, and each page is printed one-sided to avoid bleeding between pages.


The book is 8.5 x 11 inches, and is professionally printed and perfect-bound with a thick, glossy cover.


All artwork was drawn in pencil first, and then inked with artist pens. 


The illustrations are printed on 60# paper and can be used with a variety of coloring materials, though my personal favorite is colored pencils.

Here’s a few samples from the kids version:




Whether you’re an adult or a kid, a woman or a man, an artist or an engineer—whoever you are, I hope this coloring book brings you some relaxation, a creative outlet, and a little bit of awe and inspiration from the deep blue sea.

Check them both out in my shop!

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