Art School Boot Camp: Expanding Your Style with Art History

An Online Skillshare Class by Christine Fleming

My newest Skillshare class, Art School Boot Camp: Expanding Your Style with Art History is now live!

Wait, don’t go! Art history is important, and it’s not boring—I promise! Studying art history is super important as an artist because it lets you see and understand what makes great art. The more you know about art movements, art legends, and their styles and techniques, the more you can analyze and improve your own work! All artists are influenced by other artists, and that includes you! So why not learn from the masters?

Art history will also cement the design principles we’ve already talked about in this series, including composition, gesture, and color, showing you successful examples of both following the rules AND breaking them!


Art movements are all about rebellion and breaking the rules that came before. From Impressionism to Surrealism, we’ll cover WHEN the rebellion happened, WHERE it happened, WHO rebelled, WHAT they rebelled against, and HOW they rebelled. Then I’ll show you how you can rebel NOW with specific techniques from each movement that you can apply to your own artwork!


For our class project, we’ll be creating a new piece of art inspired by an art movement, using one of the techniques shown in the class. By the end of the class, you’ll have a better understanding of art history, specific techniques from the masters that you can try in your own work, and a bolt of inspiration to get excited about making new art!

I hope you check out the class and thanks for reading! 😀

See My Whole Book Process!


Ok, so typically, artists and book makers are pretty tight lipped about projects before they’re out and available for purchase. Often we won’t share the title, subject, final artwork, work in progress (WIP) shots… it’s all a secret! I think this stems from a fear that other people will steal our ideas. And maybe that’s a justifiable fear, but I think it’s better for peace of mind and for the growth of us all to share! Share knowledge, share processes, share mistakes, share successes…


All this is to say: I’m now posting my ENTIRE book making process LIVE on my Patreon page. Bold? Yes. Ballsy? Oh, yes. Mistake? I dunno, it feels nice to share.

I’ve gone back and retroactively posted all the work so far on my current book project, We Are Fungi, on Patreon. Yes, that’s really the current title! It’s now up to date with over 41 posts of screenshots and descriptions covering every step from obsession to research to writing to storyboarding to sketching to color to revisions to character development to sample spreads! Previously, I was documenting some of the process on Instagram with the hashtag #mightcouldmushroom, and I’ll still be doing that for non-patrons. But the patrons will have access to EVERYTHING. Full illustrations, full storyboards, full honesty about those times when everything I draw is wrong. If I’m working on a book that day, there will be a post that day. The only thing not available is the full manuscript. Gotta keep something a tiny bit to myself, ya know.


If you’d like to see the process and follow along with this project as it continues, and see the beginning of the next project as my inevitable next obsession begins, visit my Patreon page and become a patron! You can pledge at the lowest level ($3/mo) and have full access to all process posts. There are additional rewards like Q+A Skype sessions for larger pledges.


Thanks so much again for all your support, and if you’re looking for a peek into a book makers process, I hope sharing my process helps you out! I’ve certainly gotten lots of help along the way from other people who were kind enough to share with me. 🙂


I’m on Patreon!


I recently joined Patreon! If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a simple way to help support artists and get cool rewards in return! You can check out my page contribute to my stories and illustrations!

I’m offering rewards like custom illustrations, access to process shots I don’t share anywhere else, time lapse drawing videos, Skype Q&A sessions, and the ability to have a say in what I teach on Skillshare! Whether you pledge or not, thanks for your support! 😊

Here’s a little comic on why I’m on Patreon!

New Exciting Things!

MC-ipad-blog-1Welp, I bit the bullet and bought an iPad Pro! And I’m typing on it now! It’s really amazing how I can do almost anything here that I could do on my computer. It’s like the everything is new again!

The Apple Pencil and Procreate have been even better than I thought they would be and I’m so happy with everything so far! Still learning about workflow and features (and typing) but I’ll be sure to write a more in depth post once I get it all down pat! For now, here are some dog drawings I made today—bah I love drawing on this thing!

New Art School Boot Camp Session

An Online Skillshare Class by Christine Fleming

The next installment of Art School Boot Camp is now live, and we’re diving into the deep world of color! Color is often the most confusing and frustrating part of art making—but it doesn’t have to be that way!

In this mini-class, I’ll introduce the color wheel and quickly explain terms like hue, intensity, saturation, value,  tints, and tones. I’ll take you through the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, and introduce the five basic color schemes. Then I’ll take you through two simple step-by-step processes of choosing and making a color palette using color harmony and inspiration.

If you’re looking to dive deeper into color, be sure to download the Project Guide PDF when you enroll!


Here are a couple reviews so far from the class:

Christine prepares exceptionally well. She is concise and provide valuable input without waffling on. Her notes are the best I have seen and I appreciate the effort she puts in. Any course of hers I am interested in watching. –Karyn P.

Ms. Fleming is a fantastic instructor, and I’m still amazed at some of the tips and tricks that have stuck with me from previous classes. Her instruction is clear, and I love how short, yet effective the classes are. –Beth S.

Thanks for all your support and I hope to see you in the class! 😀

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