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Exciting news! Popular creativity blog Brit + Co featured my book, Entwined, in a blog post they published yesterday about adult coloring books! They listed 13 of their favorite adult coloring books, with Entwined popping up at #7! I had no idea this had happened until I started noticing the influx of visits to my Etsy shop! So thank you Brit + Co for choosing my book! 😀


And another great thing happened yesterday! Though I did know ahead of time about this one. Claire, owner of the website Colour with Claire, posted her review of Entwined! She wrote some really lovely things about the book and I’m so thrilled she took the time to review and share my book with her followers. Here’s a snippet from her review:

The tagline for this book is ‘to help you unwind and relax’ which it undoubtedly lives up to; I was absorbed with the clean lines of the mandalas and mathematical symmetry of each illustration.

The book itself is bound in a glossy cover, one side coloured and the other black and white, for you to finish if you wish. The bright-white paper is good quality, with no bleed through from water based markers, and each design is printed one one side. I would recommend this book for kids and adults of any age, as it isn’t too difficult for little hands, and neither is it too simple for the seasoned colourist. Here are my completed pages, done with Promarkers and Spectrum Noir. I decided to use a tropical palette for the sun picture, and a mixture of red and purple tones for the flower.


Claire also colored and posted two of the designs from the coloring book! They look so wonderful colored with her beautiful colors! I particularly love the red one. You can read the rest of the review on Claire’s website!



My final Entwined announcement is a giveaway from Tracy who runs the popular Facebook group Coloring Isn’t Just For Kids. She reviewed Entwined last week, and is running a giveaway contest this week where she will choose one follower to win a free copy of Entwined! Head over to her Facebook page to enter the contest and read the review!

I have one more review coming up with Shyla from the uber-popular Facebook group Coloring For All! This group has over 2,500 members, and Shyla was recently interviewed and featured on NBC’s Nightly News about the adult coloring craze! I’ll let you know when that review is up!



Ok, that’s it for today! My next blog post will be about my most recent editorial assignment with Buzz Hoot Roar! The illustrations went live last week and were very well received! Here’s a little sneak peek of a tweet from a BHR follower! 98 retweets! Woohoo!

New Class: Drawing Geometric Designs

An Online Skillshare Class by Christine Fleming

My newest Skillshare class just went live this week! This class is possibly my best one yet because I took all the feedback on my previous classes and applied it to this class! New microphone for better video quality, new camera skillzzz for better video angles, and a combo of talking head/screencast/live demos. Plus, this class is only 30 minutes, so it’s not quite as big of a commitment for you as the student!


Here’s the description of the class from Skillshare:

Learn how illustrator Christine Fleming creates her playful geometric patterns. In Christine’s eyes, a geometric pattern explores repeating lines and shapes and focuses on the relation between points, lines, and shapes.

In this 30-minute class, you’ll learn her step-by-step process for transforming a wobbly pencil sketch into a clean, symmetrical vector line drawing—the process behind her newly released adult coloring book, Entwined—as well as a range of tips on coming up with the initial pattern design and specific techniques and shortcuts to create a symmetrical vector design in Adobe Illustrator. Plus, the class comes with an exclusive, step-by-step Project Guide so you can create your own pattern.


This class is perfect for illustrators, designers, and everyone who loves to draw and tinker. No prior knowledge of drawing, Adobe Illustrator, OR MATH SKILLS required!

By the end, you’ll have everything you need to draw, refine, and clean up your own geometric pattern.

This project is a great introduction to Adobe Illustrator, and once you have your geometric pattern, it can be applied to t-shirts, phone cases, art prints, or coloring pages!

I hope you’ll check out the class! 😀

Viral Animals!

Yesterday I noticed an increase of traffic on my website, and was delighted when I found the source! Someone collected my illustrations from the What’s the Difference blog post on Buzz Hoot Roar, popped a Kevin Hart meme on top, and posted it on Imgur and Reddit! Amazing!

The post currently has 962,599 (1,004,971!!) views and 5,153 up votes on Reddit! Plus, the lovely internet people credited myself as the artist with my website URL, and linked to the original Buzz Hoot Roar article. Go internet—you’re awesome! I’m so thrilled people are still enjoying this illustration series, and am so happy it’s being shared around!


Psst… I also have news that I’m announcing here tomorrow! This screenshot may give you a hint:


See ya tomorrow! 😀


Entwined: A Coloring Book for Adults


**UPDATE: I’ve upped my game and am now producing this coloring book with a printing vendor! Entwined is now a self-published perfect-bound book printed on 60# paper, wrapped in a thick, glossy cover, and even has its own ISBN number! Oh you fancy, huh?! **

Big news! I’ve been working on this big baby for the past two months, and can finally show it to you! I’ve created a coloring book for adults, called Entwined! It’s available for sale in my Etsy shop and I’m so excited about it! You may have noticed some of the drawings on my Instagram photos or previous blog posts. Here’s the description from the Etsy listing, sprinkled with some photos of the book:

FACT: Coloring is not just for kids. Immersing yourself in a creative activity is good for your brain, and coloring gives you some much needed me-time to crawl inside your head and spend some time up there.


This coloring book contains 20 illustrations made specifically for coloring, and each page is printed one-sided to avoid bleeding between pages. The book is 8.5 x 11 inches, and is professionally printed and perfect-bound with a thick, glossy cover.

The artwork was all drawn by me on paper first, and then recreated digitally, and was inspired by vintage lace and hand-painted Turkish tiles.


The book is printed on thick 60# paper and can be used with a variety of coloring materials, though my personal favorite is Prismacolor coloring pencils!

Whether you’re an adult or a kid, a woman or a man, an artist or an engineer—whoever you are, I hope this coloring book brings you some relaxation and a creative outlet in a sometimes stressful life. So chill out, unwind, and relax with a coloring book!

If you’d like to share your work with me and your fellow colorists, post your snapshots on Instagram and include @might_could and the hashtag #entwinedcolor.

I hope you get a chance to check it out, and I’d love to send you one if you enjoy coloring or know someone who does! Each pattern in the book was first drawn freehand with pencil on paper, and then vectorized digitally in Illustrator for clean, crisp lines, and perfect symmetry. Here are a few of the original pencil pattern drawings:




And here’s a process shot of my artboards when I was redrawing the patterns digitally—you can see the paper sketches underlaid under some of the linework:


Once all the patterns were completed, I printed one of my favorites, and colored it in with Prismacolor colored pencils. Here’s that page that I used for the cover of the coloring book:

And that was the process! I’ll let you in on a teeny tiny secret… my next class is going to be on exactly how I made these patterns, from the initial pencil sketch, to specific Illustrator techniques for using geometry and angles to create symmetry. It sounds a little boring but BOY did it save me a lot of time and wasted effort once I figured these techniques out. And they can be applied to any type of illustration, not just patterns! I think it will be super helpful to anyone interested. Look for that in to come in May!


Until then, happy coloring!

New Thangs and a Promo

Whew! There is a lot going on, so I’ll give a quick update on some new things happening here at Might Could! I’ve been making some changes to my most recent class to make the content of the class more obvious to potential students. This class focuses on editorial illustration, and you can watch the promo video for the class above! Check out the full class on Udemy here and you can enroll for 25% off with the code MCPROMO!


I’ve also been updating my Etsy shop with new products! I have two new art prints with my new dog breed illustrations that you may recognize! Here’s a few more shots of the prints, and check out the shop if you’re interested in purchasing them!



Plus, I’ve been doing some more design work lately, and one of the projects I’m currently working on is a logo for a pet product line. Can’t say or show too much, but it’s been so fun to work on! Here’s a little peek at my sketches:


I also got a new nesting doll custom order, so I’ll have a new set to post up in my shop soon! Here’s where the set is right now, and I plan are starting to paint the figures tonight.


And last but not least, this little baby of mine is so close to being done. I should be able to finally show you this entire project in the next blog post and I’m so excited about it!MC-updates-04-15-3-blog


New Editorial Illustration Class!


It’s here, it’s here! My brand new class, Editorial Illustration: Illuminating the Written Word is finally live! I was approached by Udemy to create a class for their platform based on my success on Skillshare, and jumped at the opportunity to partner up with one of the biggest online learning communities, and the chance to create a more in-depth class! I worked extremely hard on making this class, and it is by far my best class yet. Here’s the course description from Udemy:

Editorial illustration is artwork created in response to written text, usually an article in a magazine, newspaper, or blog. In this course, we will focus on how to analyze a text, develop a unique idea, and communicate that concept visually as a partner to the article.

To show you all this, I’m going to take you through my step by step process of creating an editorial illustration. You’ll see my process from the original text article to researching, sketching, drawing, revisions, digital production, all the way to final illustration. I’ll also show you many of my own personal Photoshop techniques for creating illustrations with bold colors and tantalizing textures. In addition, I will walk you through some illustration fundamentals that are often misunderstood including line, tone, value, and color, to help make your drawing as strong as possible.

By the end of this course, you will have the skills to transform a boring text-only article into a professional editorial illustration that communicates your unique voice while illuminating the written word.

This class has almost 3 hours of content, with 35 lectures and 8 PDF downloads. I’ll be taking students through the following concepts:


Definition and History: Learn what editorial illustration is and its impressive history



Thinking and Ogling: Learn about artistic style and editorial illustration trail blazers



Researching + Analyzing: Learn how to analyze a written article and find visual references



Sketching: Learn how to overcome blank-page-phobia and start sketching



Drawing: Learn techniques for strengthening and finishing your drawing



 Line, Value, and Color: Learn about color theory and linework tips



Digital Process: Learn about coloring an illustration in Photoshop



Textures + Hand-Drawn Type: Learn to create your own textures and drawn type



Final Touches and Delivery: Learn how to finish and deliver your artwork!


And that’s it! Check out the Udemy class website to watch the promo video, read more about the class, or enroll and start learning! This class is a tad more expensive than my previous classes (this course is not offered as a membership pricing model like Skillshare, and is more in-depth in content), but the quality of my classes has really improved with each course, and this one is on point! As a little proof, look at the comparison of these stills from my previous class promo videos:


I read all reviews of my classes and really take them to heart. Although I do have an overall 97% positive review on Skillshare, some reviews have mentioned aspects of my classes that could be improved. Here are a few things that I’ve learned from this feedback and improved drastically with my new Udemy class:

  • Audio quality: Brand new microphone used to record high-quality audio
  • Video quality: Improved editing and export settings to achieve high-quality video
  • Filming angles: Improved the angle of my videos so they are more balanced
  • Lighting: Improved and more consistent lighting
  • Lecture types: Better mix of talking videos, demo videos, screencasts, and downloads

UDY-editorial-illustration-class-10-blogThanks for reading and I hope you check out the class!

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