New Year, New Stuff!


Happy 2016! This year’s already off to a great start! I’ve got a couple of updates to share, the first of which is my new postcard above! I just ordered them yesterday, and I’ll be passing them out at the SCBWI NY Conference in February! I also ordered a new portfolio case, upgrading my dinky pleather folder to an acrylic screw post case, so I’m excited to tote it off to New York next month!




I’ve also updated my portfolio with a new category system with the help of my agent, Danielle! The new sections divide my work into Books, Black + White, Comics, Illustration (editorial), Lettering, and Sketches! Here’s some screenshots of the new categories, and you can check the full portfolio here!


That’s it for this month’s update! Next month I’ll have a recap of the SCBWI NY Conference and who knows, maybe some other exciting news! 😉

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