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Christine Nishiyama bio

Christine Nishiyama

Founder, Director of Creative and Strategy


Location: Boone, NC

Christine founded Might Could in 2012 and has since taught over 60,000 students in her online courses, written over 60 essays on creativity, created over 2,000 drawings, and self-published 1 book.

Christine is currently running her flagship course, Sketchbook to Style Boot Camp, and illustrating a four book children’s series with Scholastic.

Declan Nishiyama bio

Declan Nishiyama

Director of Technology, Marketing, and Finance


Location: Boone, NC

Declan joined Might Could in 2019. In his past life he’s had roles as an Engineer, Business Analyst, and Product Manager. After seeing how much people loved learning from his wife, he decided to join full-time to help Might Could make the biggest impact possible.

Oni Nishiyama bio

Oni Nishiyama

Director of Walks, Naps, and Well-Being

Oni is happily unplugged from the world.

Location: Boone, NC

Oni joined Might Could in 2012 when he was just four months old and has since vastly improved the well-being of all of Might Could. Oni loves encouraging his co-workers to take a break from work, and often leads company walks, meals, and outdoor activities. He doesn’t really get anything done, but he reminds Might Could of the simple joys in life.

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