We Are Fungi

Christine Nishiyama’s debut picture book combines science with story, fact with fiction, and real life wonders with magical mysteries.

This genre-bending picture book tells dual stories side-by-side. A factually accurate story is told through words, while a more mysterious story is told through pictures, following the journey of a curious young girl as she ventures into the woods to hunt for mushrooms. As dusk falls, weird things begin to happen and as she travels deeper and deeper into the woods, she ends deeper and deeper in the world of fungi.

A creepy story that aims to break the rules of children’s books, challenge the notion of boy-books and girl-books, and revitalize the nonfiction genre, this completely original picture book is unlike any other book on the market, and will be sure to delight, excite, and inspire you and your child.

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What People Are Saying

There is no book quite like yours. Yours has a different mood than most educational children’s books. I love that your book is more mature and the colors make it an excellent bedtime story or book to read on a camping trip. The mood you created for your book is completely original.

“The illustrations are amazing and really got the students interested in fungi! They wanted to check out all the books our library had about fungi! You created fungi fans!”

“Your story-driven concept is more compelling to me than a nonfiction or science-based book would be… your story version raised my interest in the subject rather than listing facts alone. I would not have become interested in fungi without the story.”

What You'll Discover + Learn

The world of fungi is weird.

In this book, you’ll discover all sorts of facts including:

  • Different types of fungi (mushrooms, yeast, and mold!)
  • Parts of a mushroom
  • The difference between a “mushroom” and a “fungus”
  • Where fungi live and where you can find them
  • How fungi eat and grow
  • The names of different mushroom species
  • How fungi work with and against other organisms


Let this book be your whimsical guide.

We Are Fungi covers the topic of fungi through:

  • Terms labeled throughout the book
  • A full glossary with all terms explained
  • Informative illustrations of mushroom types
  • An enticing storyline told through the illustrations
  • A sense of humor and creepiness that entices boys and girls alike
We Are Fungi Activity Guide, Christine Nishiyama

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We Are Fungi Activity Guide, Christine Nishiyama

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About the Author

We Are Fungi, Christine Nishiyama

Hi! I’m Christine Nishiyama, an illustrator and writer currently living in Atlanta.

I create stories, books, and comics that blend fiction and nonfiction. I love researching, writing, and drawing things I don’t understand, coming out on the other end of the process with a greater appreciation of just how weird the world is.

I also teach art courses to encourage more people to make books and art!

We Are Fungi, Christine Nishiyama

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I’ve been drawing for over 20 years, working independently for 5 years, making books for 3 years, and now I’m finally putting my books out into the wild. My core beliefs are that art is good, books are good, sharing is good, and we should all make more books together. I want to encourage you to make your book, and help you get it out of your head and into the world. Let’s do this!

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